Victoria Court Buendia (Room 55) Review

Room name and rates

Ah yes, this is yet another review of one of the rooms at Victoria Court – Buendia branch. This one is just one of their regular rooms so there’s no Jacuzzi, sauna or anything fancy.

The bed

The room is called “Room 55”. And the rate is decent, considering you get all these amenities and the professionalism that the staff shows toward the guest.

See that dark section over there? You can still fit 5 people in there

The interior on 55 is nothing extraordinary but not ordinary also. It looks like a modern room that someone might have done on theirs. What I can say about VC rooms is that it’s bigger compared to regular rooms at Eurotel. It’s very spacious and maybe too spacious if I may add as one section prove to be un-useful. But that’s not a bad thing either.

The shower

In closing, Victoria Court is still by far the best love hotel here in Metro Manila with professional staff, creative interior designers and a very clean room.

The toilet is always silky smooth clean

Cold drinks inside the fridge

Victoria Court Buendia (Sauna Room) Review

Ok, here’s another review of a room in Victoria Court, but this ones in Buendia. I’m sorry guys but when we went to this place, it was last October 2009 so I can’t remember how much we paid for the room. It was probably more than 500-700 pesos since this is not your typical room (I’ll explain why in a bit). And the best thing I love about VC is that they have creative interior designers. They’re imagination can go wild when they think of room designs.

The china room?

As usual you will always be met with courteous and friendly staff and will be pampered as if you and your girlfriend are the king of queen even if it’s only for 3-4 hours.

Lovely bed

The room itself has this traditional Chinese setting. Nothing fancy but at least it’s not bland.

The sauna

Heating rocks

The best part about this room has got to be the Sauna! Oh yes, it has its own Sauna.  How cool is that?! It might just be me since I’m obsessed with it. If I had the money, I would probably buy myself one but I would have a hard time on where to put it though. You have to forgive me again since I can’t remember the name of the room. It was way back last October 2009 when we checked in to this room. So if anyone has visited this room and knows the name, please feel free to comment.

TV, fridge, DVD player

A very tall sound system

Typical for VC, you’ll always get the string of amenities like the fridge (with free 2 bottled water and the rest of the drinks inside you have to pay for if you drink it). There are also snacks on the table that you also have to pay for if you eat it. Lastly there is the TV, DVD player and a very tall sound system.

Bathroom stuffs

What I also love about VC is that their toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, soap are in par on what’s being offered on 3-4 star hotels. They even added a bath gel just in case you want to go all bubbly on yourself.

The toilet

The shower and the sink

As what you would expect from Victoria Court, everything is clean. The Sauna works wonderfully and it’s designed in a way where you can get creative. To me, this is the main highlight of the room. Just make sure you don’t splash water all over the place or you’ll slip and slide and come out with bruises or even worse, 1st degree or even a 2nd degree burn (OUCH!).

Rice Toppings

If I recall, we must have stayed here overnight since we ordered 2 separate set meals. One was a rice topping concoction which was very good. The other was buffalo chicken with onion rings and VC’s own recipe of pork chop with bread, corn and rice. For desert we had banana slip. The food in VC is in my opinion superb and I would greatly suggest you try their menu if ever you visit them.

Yum yum

Concluding this review I have nothing negative to say about this Victoria Court branch. Every single peso that I spent was well worth it.

Nice Hotel Review

Wow. I have never expected that my blog will still have visitors up until now. I do apologize to y’all for my lack of posts. I had to prioritize on some personal matters first, but I’m back and eager to share my sexual adventures again! So without further ado, I bring you my newest post for 2010.

Nice Hotel Key Tag

Nice Hotel Key Tag

I was supposed to post this review last November 2009 but it’s better late than never. This is by far the cheapest love hotel that I and my girlfriend have stayed in. We always see this hotel whenever we go to Megamall or Trinoma with its eye catching building color (summer green), you’ll never miss it.

The Bed

The Bed

If you’re the conservative type that doesn’t want people seeing you go inside a love hotel then this place isn’t for you. The hotel is situated at a spot where you would regularly see people catch a bus or a jeep, especially during after office hours. I would suggest going in after 10-11PM to minimize the eye rolling.

They have a weird-looking phone

Upon entering you are met with your typical lobby, and immediately you can feel the difference in the interior compared to Eurotel. The lobby is small, and there are seats along the wall in case you might need to wait for your turn. We have experienced once where it was jam packed and it was a bit awkward since you see everyone there seating waiting for their turn with no walls to block the view. The attendants were friendly though so that’s a plus. There was an elevator but strange that it’s marked as “Under Construction” (Last I checked it still is).

Brand new window-type aircon

I’ll just say this, for Php 350 @ 4 hours of stay; you’ll get the amenities that you paid for. The materials and furnishings were substandard. There were no carpeting, no LCD TV, just a typical room. At the time that we visited the hotel it was their grand opening. The room that we stayed in looked as if we were the first to use it.

Easy Access Main Switches

Easy Access Main Switches

The bed sheets were clean and so were the pillows. They also offer the usual combination of shampoo, soap, pair of toothbrushes and toothpaste. But I didn’t like the taste of their toothpaste though. It tasted like paste (the kind that you use to bind papers with). The two remotes worked as designed (1 for the aircon and the other for the TV). Unfortunately the hotel doesn’t offer a sexy channel (if you know what I mean). There is even a central switch to toggle through the lights, TV, aircon and even the radio in the room located right beside the bed. The bathroom is also clean and brand new. I should probably pay this place another visit again sometime this year to check out if they maintain it properly though.

Unreliable Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Unreliable Toothbrush and Toothpaste

All in all, Nice Hotel is a nice hotel. If you’re looking for something cheap and don’t expect much from the room and have the balls to go inside with a number of people eyeing you at the same time, then go for it. I haven’t had the chance of ordering any foods from their menu though so if you ever get the chance and would like to share, just post in the comments section below.

The shower

Spanky clean toilet

The TV

I got an allergic reaction after using this soap

Durex Play Vibrations Review

It’s really been a while since I last posted on my blog. Ah! I need to post more! I’m going to make it a habit to post at least once a week. Enough about this, on to the review!

Durex Play Vibrations

Durex Play Vibrations

Today I bring you a review of Durex’s own disposable vibrator. This item cost’s 280 pesos and you can find it at any Watsons store. Upon opening the packaging you can tell why you’d have to pay more for this compared to Premier Earthquake. The vibrator is packed securely on another plastic encasement. It also comes with it’s own users manual (If you still can’t figure out how to use it). And don’t forget that you’re paying more because of the brand (Durex).

The device tightly sealed

The device tightly sealed

Taking off the plastic seal and finally holding on to the device you will notice that it doesn’t have much of a difference compared to Earthquake except that it’s a whole lot bigger. The on/off button isn’t a switch that you slide from left to right but instead replaced by a purple rubber push button. I would say that this is more convenient to use especially when your hands are slimed up from putting too much lubrication.

How to use

How to use

As for performance, it does what it’s supposed to and I feel that the vibration that it creates is more compared to Earthquake by a  whole lot but there is one gripe, those protruding rubber massager’s that are meant to massage the vaginal area are just too small and they aren’t shaped right to do what it’s supposed to. I like how Premier Earthquake’s circled rubber stimulator’s are shaped and it reaches the vaginal area quite nicely. Another thing, the rubber ring where you stick your member in is just too big for me. I tend to have problems keeping the vibrating part where I want it to be and having to keep adjusting it every 1 minute or so. I guess Durex being an American company might have forgotten that Asian’s don’t have members as thick as those you see from porn videos or use Viagra that often.

The Device

The Device

All in all, Durex Play Vibrations is a great stimulator to use if in case you forgot to bring your vibrator or is just too lazy cleaning it up after use. From what the package states, it really is more powerful. My only gripe is that the rubber ring is just too big and that the rubber massager’s should be shaped more for stimulation.

If you’re patient and willing to spend more I would suggest getting an actual vibrator (Price: Php 1500 and up). Not only can you adjust the vibration to your partner’s desire, you can keep on reusing it when the vibration wears out by just changing the batteries. Which reminds me that I will be reviewing a few of those once I get my hands on it which will be in a week or two.

Premier Earthquake Review

Premier Earthquake

Premier Earthquake

Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. I do apologize for that. I’ve been trying to find a new job that will provide me with more financial growth unfortunately I’m still working on that, but anyways, time for the review! I’ll probably post another review after this. Durex came out with their version of the O-Ring so I should be posting a review on that soon.

The Contents

The Contents

The contents of it consist of the O-Ring and a free Premier Ultra Thin Condom. Personally they should have it come with this on a single package as standard. Premier Earthquake costs Php 180 and the package says vibration is good for 20 minutes. We’ll put that to the test.

The Tobleron was not harmed during the testing of this product

The Tobleron was not harmed during the testing of this product

Although instructions don’t say that you need to use a lube for this, I would recommend that you do. The O-Ring is rubbery and if you rub it too many times on your partner, she may encounter irritation later. I personally use Durex Play for lubrication but if you’re on a tight budget, Bliss will do just fine.


Putting it on is a breeze, you just slide it down to the base and you’re all set. Just make sure that the vibrating part is at the top since there really isn’t anything to stimulate underneath unless if you’re going for a creative position. The classic man-on-top position is best suited for this in my opinion but it wouldn’t hurt to be creative so go for it.


As for its performance, I might say that it really works. Your partner will definitely love this and might grow so attached to it that she might even use this when you’re not around. Half the time, I just placed it on my finger and rubbed away. For the battery life, I only got it to work for 15 minutes non-stop until the vibration finally subsided. Once the battery drains out you won’t be able to use it anymore unless you find a way to replace the batteries inside. Do let me know if you figure it out though.


In conclusion, this is a great product from Premier. If you’re having doubts about you and your partner’s appreciation for one another or looking for new ways to spice up your sexual life, this will definitely boost it 200% I guarantee you. The awesomeness of this product is only good for 15 minutes but its well worth it. If you’re looking for something that will last longer, I would suggest getting a reusable vibrator. Last I checked it would run you at around Php 1,500. I’ll let you guys know since I’m planning on buying one soon.

Durex Play Review

Durex Play

Durex Play

Wahoo! Finally, after almost a month of no update on my blog, I finally got a review for the long awaited Durex Play Lubricant!

Starting off with the packaging, the contents of it are enclosed in a tube which to me is more convenient compared to a sachet. I have experienced difficulty in getting the right amount of lube from a sachet and there was also a time where I got my private scraped from that packaging which was not a pleasant experience. It’s also hard in keeping the un-used portion of it since you already have the package open and also the fear of contaminating it since sealing it back will be hard.

Applying it is a breeze; you just open the cap and then squeeze out the right amount of lube. Compared to all the other lube’s I’ve tried, this has better lubrication compared to EZ but not as slimy as Bliss Classic. Personally, I like my lube slimy. There’s something about it that gets you going more but I would love it if Bliss would come out with a tube-like packaging.


If you want a lubricant that’s easy to apply in times of need and won’t have such a hassle of storing it for that next sexual experience, then this is the lube for you. For the price of Php 180, you get what you’re paying for and not to mention that it comes from a respected brand that you can trust, Durex.

More Info

Name: Durex Play

Price: Php 180

Contents: 50mL

Victoria Court – Las Piñas Review

Me and my girlfriend celebrated our 1st year anniversary at Victoria Court Las Piñas Last December 2008. We always stay at Eurotel if we want to spend some personal time with each other and so we figured we would try some place new, more romantic and unique and Victoria Court was the place for it. We took a taxi and boy did we pay a hefty price for that ride. A taxi ride from SM Southmall to Victoria Court will get you at around P150 – P200. At least you get some privacy getting in to the place rather than ride a tricycle. I don’t think that would be a good idea to do on your anniversary.

We finally got to the place but we didn’t know which room to pick since there was around 5-8 themed rooms with varying sizes and prices. We wanted our time there to be very special so we went ahead and chose to get the most expensive room there. We checked out two rooms before choosing the right one for us which were tagged as Suites. The first one was called Austin Powers. We got an approval from the attendant to check out the room. The carpeting was dirty and it looked as if it hasn’t been vacuumed from the first day that it was made. I couldn’t even dare taking my shoes off and stepping on the carpet from it being so dirty. Some of the lighting fixtures were already broken and the strobe lights don’t even work anymore. The room looked very dim and depressing considering that it was supposed to look like one of Austin Power’s crib based from the name and the theme. It would have been a fun room mainly because of the numerous poles that surrounds the bed and a huge jacuzzi but it was dirty and wasn’t well maintained.

It was the exact opposite upon entry to the second suite which they call Destiny. In my opinion, it is the best suite room on that branch. I also checked the Victoria Court website ( and none of the other rooms are even worth comparing to the Destiny room. From the name of the room, it really was Destiny that made us choose it. The room is huge and clean. All of the lights are working and it made the room glow. The room is separated into two sections. The first section is where the bed is. It also has a table and 2 chairs where you can take your lunch/dinner right beside it. You also get a 40-inch LCD TV, a DVD player and a Nintendo Wii that you can play until you get bored which really won’t happen during your stay. To the right of the bed is a section solely for the love chair where you can be creative with your partner in trying out new positions and even coming up with your own which is a huge plus for me.

The Jacuzzi

The Jacuzzi

Down the short hallway you’ll find another room with a vanity section there for your girlfriend to use. Sitting on the vanity area table is a basket full of sexual goodies ranging from lubricants, condoms and even a dildo. You also get another TV but it’s just a plain sized 20-inch TV which is perfectly fine since you’re already getting an LCD TV on the other side of the room. You also get a small fridge with drinks inside but you will have to pay for it if you consume any. Right beside the vanity area is a full-size jacuzzi with a bottle of bath foam liquid for you to put in for a nice foamy bubble bath. Beside the jacuzzi is the bathroom which is huge. It’s comparable to a size of a bathroom that you will get from a deluxe bathroom of a hotel and the best thing about it, it’s clean.

Service from the staff there is speedy. We’ve checked in before on other rooms there and from my experience I can’t say anything negative about their promptness and courteousness to customers.


This has got to be the best Love Hotel that we have stayed on. I guess for the hefty price (P2000) that you are paying for that you would definitely get more than the usual amenities and it’s worth it. With a clean room and a courteous staff, I definitely recommend this as the best Love Hotel for anyone looking for a room thats true to its theme and even more. Don’t forget to try out the love chair and let your creative side come out.

We’ve loved this place so much that we have checked in to two other themed rooms on this branch. Check back in a few days for reviews on that.

To get a 3D view of the room that we stayed on, click HERE and HERE.

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