Bliss Lubricant Review


Bliss Lubricant

Tired of using the same-old lubricant? Here’s a lube that offers 3 types of enjoyment and as stated from their website (, these lubes are “designed to intensify the experience of lovemaking which will help you reach the state of Bliss.” The Bliss lubricant line offers 3 types: Classic, Ice and Fire. Let’s see if it really does take you to that blissful state shall we?

You can purchase these from Mercury Drug, 7-Eleven and Watsons. I prefer getting them from Watsons since you’ll get a better chance of finding all three variations of it from there. One pack consists of three 5 gram sachets at a retail price of 60-80 pesos. It aint much for 5g so you need to know ahead of time how much lube you’ll be needing. If it’s going to be an all-nighter then you’ll need more than just a pack. Plus the best part about this lube is that it’s edible! So if you want to add some spice to your oral activity, this is the perfect addition to that.

Bliss Classic

Compared to EZ, from testing this product, I get a better sensation and it really helps when you need to get your pet up again after that first round that lasted an hour and a half. The company Skintimates who created this product added some kind of ingredient that helps in getting Willy up and running again and it really does work. This would be the best of the three that I’ve tried.

Bliss Ice

As the label says, it really does feel like someone put ice on it. I think this was too icy for me and my partner. After a minute of use, my girlfriend felt as if someone put ice and jalapeño inside her. She didn’t even want to try it out orally. We went back to using the Classic one after this.

Bliss Fire

I can’t seem to tell the difference between this from the Ice version. To me it’s roughly the same but you get more jalapeño-like feeling from this and it does feel like your privates are on fire. We lasted about 15 minutes using this product but went back to the Classic and never looked back. If you want yourself to feel that 150 degree heat, then this is for you. If not, I’d suggest sticking with the Classic version.


Bliss Classic seems to offer the best pleasure from all three. It sticks to the basics of giving you the lubrication that you need and a plus in enhancing the pleasure. It really works in getting you driving again after that first tiring round. For 60-80 pesos per pack, it’s the most expensive of all the lube’s that I’ve tried of this amount. Bliss Ice and Bliss Fire were too much for me and my partner but other people might disapprove. I would suggest trying out all three and finding your niche from there.

More Info

Name: Bliss Lubricant


Fire & Ice: Php 69

Classic: Php 49

Contents: 5mL x 3 sachets = 15mL

64 comments on “Bliss Lubricant Review

  1. Renz says:

    I already tried both classic and fire. previously, I only use fire on my toy until i tried classic last night. It really is great! Smooth and doesn’t dry quickly! I’m going to stick to classic from now on.

  2. woo says:

    my gf wants to take things slowly and she wants to give me a hand job first, she wants it to be better and told me that we could use a lube, i never tried using lubes before, does it really make a difference?

    • pinoysexy says:

      Definitely! You get a better sensation when you use a lube especially when doing hand jobs. Give it a try and also try the different flavors of bliss to find the one that suits you and your partner. It’s always great to try new things.

  3. anonym says:

    By the way, Classic tastes sweet during oral sex!

    • anonymous says:

      yeah it tastes sweet my gf loves it. lol

    • abe says:

      Hey anonym, is bliss lubricant can really be ingested? I’m planning to buy an edible type of lube so that I can do an oral sex follow up ASAP to my gf after a coital sex with her. I read in some articles that KY jelly is not an edible type of lube..I am searching for Astroglide (bec. according to manufacturer it is 100% edible) but it is only in the USA so what about these BLISS products? Are there any indicators at the back labels that it can be ingested? Thanks and I really appreciate a response from you or from any person who have the “mastery” regarding these lubes.

  4. anon says:

    We had tried ice. And yeah, it was super cool like you’re puffing Malboro Black. lol. it was great. i wonder what does fire feels? better try it.

  5. lee says:

    hmmm is it safe for girls though? What about those prone sa UTI? i really wanna try it

  6. pekto says:

    panu bumili ng lube sa mercury… yun lng accessible e. sa counter ba o sa store nila? saan section makita?

  7. Jake says:

    Can u use this lube for fleshlight?

  8. blissfull says:

    hello there! nice trail of conversation huh! great reviews thanks! by the way are you a regular user? what made you blog about bliss??

  9. blisstry says:

    ok ba to sa condom? i mean kapag wala ng lube ung condom bliss nmn ang ilalagay? hindi ba masisisra condom nun?? tnx

  10. blissfull says:

    yup okay sa latex condom kasi this is water-based lube

  11. cj says:

    i tried ice before with my partner.. he doesnt like it, because of extreme sensation.. then i tried fire.. he likes it a lot and its edible! he like giving me bj before putting a condom and he tasted the cinamon flavor.. hahaha.. but i like it so much..

  12. G4G says:

    Anyone want to try out our new lubricant product? We can give you free samples. Just email us at :

    We have 4ml single use to 5 oz packaging. Astroglide brand. MADE IN USA. RESELLER INQUIRIES WELCOME.


  13. jpol says:

    lee (23:10:51) :

    hmmm is it safe for girls though? What about those prone sa UTI? i really wanna try it

  14. Weynaaaarrrd says:

    Yes it is safe 🙂 Water based kasi sya ayos yung fire for oral yeahbuh ! :))

  15. Mike says:

    Sa mercury drugstore, sa store ba to mabibili o dun sa medecine section?

  16. angelo says:

    Just want 2 ask, if these bliss products are safe in anal sex? 🙂

  17. cj says:

    It is safe if I use lubricant without using condom? TNX.

  18. BNU says:

    How many grams of Bliss Classic do I need for anal sex? Thank you

  19. candice says:

    meron ako nabiling lube sa sulit. wet original ang brand.panalo! imported. ang tagal nya bago di malagkit…yung iba kasi tuyo agad at malagkit… 30ml P150 malaki 100ml P380.. mas mura ata pag madami kang binili..

  20. […] say..) and all they had left was the “Fire” variant. Let’s just say the reviews I have read about it are less than […]

  21. can girls use bliss too?

  22. Maria says:

    where can i buy this in watsons?

  23. redcyber says:

    kahit kailan d ko p n try ang mga ganito, pano po b gamitin ito at ok lng b n mag p oral s girl kaht may nkalagay n ganito paano kung malunok nya ung lub??? salamat po s mga sagot ninyo

  24. SEXTIGHT says:

    Where can I buy this?

  25. says:

    pde ba ang bliss kahit wlang condom na gamitin.??

  26. Mang Kanor says:

    Magtatravel po kasi ako kasama yung family ng gf ko. Pwede po ba ito i-hand carry sa airport? Alam ko po kasi pag mga liquids eh tinitignan ng security eh ayoko namang makita ng family ng gf ko to.

  27. louie catindoy says:

    safe for female? can be use sa toys? dildo? — (answer please) lols 🙂

  28. newbiehere says:

    Malagkit ba talaga ang condom?

  29. Kanorian says:

    hi just want to ask if it can help or prevent pregnancy? or anyone can suggest lube that can help pregnancy. TIA

  30. mark says:

    pano kung makain ang bliss habang oral sex. ok lang ba un?

  31. Jimmy Olsen says:

    Why suddenly all Bliss lubes are not available in any branch of Watsons, Mercury, & 7-eleven around Metro Manila. It’s a very nice product. Sayang

  32. w0wie says:

    It is safe if I use lubricant without using condom? OR CAN PREVENT PREGNANCY?…… TNX.

  33. w0wie says:

    Is it safe if I use lubricant without using condom? OR CAN PREVENT PREGNANCY?…… TNX.

  34. Justin says:

    Yes it can be used even without condom. Lubricants are used to enhance sensation during sex. But in order to prevent pregnancy, condom must be worn.

  35. stacy says:

    Saang branch ng watsons or mercury drug store makakabili nito

  36. RJ says:

    Saan ito nabibili? I mean saang branch ng mercury at watsons sa manila? Then safe ba ito sa condom during anal sex?

  37. Jassy says:

    I plan to buy a pack of bliss classic however, im worried if this is safe to use even without condom. Please answer.

  38. Luna says:

    hi, can you answer this po. my bf wanted to try anal and we tried it before. we used oil and it hurt me a lot. i want na mapagbigyan sya now ulit. but i dont want to be hurt again. ano po maganda, durex or ez? gusto ko rin maenjoy sana. saka safe mo ba sya for anal. please respond po.

    • My GF and I used Bliss Fire and we used at least 5 packets of it.

      Anal will always hurt no matter what you do and no matter how much you’ve done it.

      You just need to take it slow and relax.

      Any lube is good, just make sure you have lots. As they said “You can never have too much lube.”

      Mas madaming lube, mas maganda.

  39. zacha105 says:

    available yan sa lahat ng The Generics Pharmacy branch

  40. hilda says:

    matindi yung side effects ng bliss ice. got rashes in sensitive parts, me and my husband. until now we still suffer. nahirapan ako mag urinate kasi mahapdi. nagkaron ng blisters. at yung hubby nagkaron din sya..

  41. epiclover says:

    hey guys, i tried it before ok lng nmn.
    pero la nko mkita now sa watson, san
    to available maliban sa generics farmacy?

  42. blissard says:

    available po ba sa 7-11?

  43. steve says:

    i tried ice on my FUBU last week, i used it when i was F*n**ring her, she was surprised kasi malamig but masarap daw, gave her some to apply on mine, she loves it kasi madulas daw agad while doing a handjob, she wiped off when she did BJ but minty pa rin daw.

    added it to the CD when we F**k she enjoyed it.

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