Eurotel Cubao Review

I’ve been hearing good things about Gateway Mall from my friends and how it’s comparable to Glorietta. And on a sunny Sunday me and my girlfriend went to Araneta Coliseum to check out the mall. Upon arriving, little did we realize that there was a Eurotel branch there. I guess I would name that Eurotel Araneta just to label that in my blog. After checking out Gateway Mall and how clean and white it was but not much different from Glorietta (just smaller) we hurriedly went to Eurotel. The location of the place is a bit ironic because right across the street from it is a huge church building with a huge cross that almost occupies the whole building. I’m not sure which of the two was built first but looking at the big cross gives you a sort of uneasy feeling going in to the hotel. Awkward anyone?

Eurotel At The Right

Eurotel At The Right

The lobby is by far the smallest of all the branches that I have been to. This didn’t quite shock me, seeing that the building from the outside is small. It also feels awkward going in the place since the outside is filled with people congesting the walkway staring at you as you open the door to the lobby. Add the male attendants who keeps staring at you while you wait for your turn to get a room adds to the awkwardness formula.

Panoramic View Of The Suite Room

Panoramic View Of The Suite Room

Panoramic View Of The Suite Room (2nd View)

Panoramic View Of The Suite Room (2nd View)

We finally got to the room and compared to the other branches, this would be the least maintained. I will give the place a plus though for having 2 adult channels and the standard 2-door system. Plus there weren’t any rooms left so we had no choice but to get the Suite Room. This is our first time checking in to a Suite Room of all branches and for the first time, there is actually a window! The room is huge and you get your own bathtub and 2 beds. But with that suite, cleanliness is still not up to par with other branches.


I didn’t really enjoy staying at this branch. Personally they made a bad decision of placing this beside a church and add the eyeing attendants and flocks of people that you would see once you set foot outside the hotel makes you uneasy and violated. It’s also really hard getting a vacant room. You either have to wait until one is available or just get the Suite which is always ready for occupancy.


Studio: Php 1,920
12 hrs. Weekend: Php 1,420
Weekday: Php 1,120

Standard: Php 2,020
12 hrs. Weekend: Php 1,520
Weekday: Php 1, 220

Euro Suite 1: Php 2,320
12 hrs. Weekend: Php 1,720
Weekday: Php 1, 320

Euro Suite 2: Php2,830
12 hrs. Weekend: Php 1,970
Weekday: Php 1,510


35 comments on “Eurotel Cubao Review

  1. anon says:

    the feeling when you go out the hotel is really awkward

    • pinoysexy says:

      I know what you mean. That by far has got to be the worst placed branch.

      • woo says:

        the only thing i like about it is the fact that its very close to araneta col and gateway mall. i just noticed another hotel there named crest, we’re gonna try it and the entrance doesnt have a lot of people on the sidewalk

      • pinoysexy says:

        Crest? Never heard of it. It’s been a while since I last went to Araneta. Thanks for the info. I’ll check it out myself.

      • Gabriel says:

        hindi naman lahat ng nagche check-in sa hotel KANTOT ang ginagawa. masyado ka naman self-righteous palibhasa manyak kayo ng syota mo. wala naman masama sa pagpasok ng hotel and masyado ka conscious pagdating sa pagpasok sa lobby. may iba ako nakikita pamilya kung mag check-in, may madre pa nga or yung iba i overheard (kasi nga maliit nga dun) na may byahe sa bus terminal. i check in at euro kapag ayoko umiwi ng bahay. so i guess hindi lahat nagsesex. siguro hindi maiwasan ma-associate ang mga ganyan kasi mas mura nga ang daily rates compared to five star hotels talaga. kalma lang. iniisip mo kasi yung awkward na yan…

  2. woo says:

    i think it just opened last month or so, its a new hotel there.

  3. anon says:

    do you think we can get a room during weekdays 10am in the morning?

  4. Beast says:

    Hi guys. Maybe you can help me with the room rates at Eurotel this coming March 2010. My girl wants to stay at a motel since she will go to manila with me but I have to work at night. Maybe you can give me a better motel or the prices.. please help me. tnx so mch! =)

    • pinoysexy says:

      The rates are all the same but from experience, the cheapest rates are from the Las Piñas branch. The most expensive is the branch located at Pedro Gil and Makati. But the difference are just 100-200 pesos. The best way to get it cheaper is to get a discount card. They still give them out, you just have to let them notice that you are a regular client or better yet ask for one 🙂

    • care bears says:

      if you have lots of money you can check and they will flash all prestige hotels in manila with rates of USD (convert it to P45 hehe), or Eurotel will come in handy because it is strategically located.. but if ur running low in budget and ur gf will stay for a week better ask her if she is willing to stay in VC or sogo.. they are love motels but the price is good for the wise! and… if u dont mind getting in and out of sogo when u go to work! lol!

  5. kai says:

    so it’s really that kind of hotel huh.. i was looking for a decent place for my friend. so i’m gonna “X” this out as an option.. tsk tsk.

  6. clark says:

    Hi .. does eurotel cubao accept minors ..? like 16-18..?

  7. carebears says:

    @kai… i think pinoysexy will agree with me that Eurotel in Cubao is not that “kind” of hotel ur referring to… I cud speak behalf of it coz im always in gateway and people who checked in are foreigners.. as in tourists… and the others kung pinoy nmn ay family as in with kids.. GOT IT!! tourists and kids! unlike sogo na ang advertisemnt nla ay love hotel well eurotel is more family friendly coz 1) they dont have mirrors in the ceiling 2) they dont have adult channels!!! 3) euro suites 1 and 2 have windows… ok??????

    @anon… i havent been to las pinas and makati branches but going to araneta branch and u have the lust intentions ay magkkroon ka talaga ng awkward feeling.. cnu bang hindi?? all u have to do is to enter seperately.. i know the place is soo open unlike s mga sogo n may pocket entrance.. it is because i blv euro is portraying a family-friendly hotel.. which is ganun nmn n tlga cla.. as for us… who goes their for “fun” it wud be easier db kasi iba n mgging perception ng tao s eurotel unlike s sogo… tayo lang nag iisip n ang awkward kasi our intentions going their is purely lust haha! pero kung isa kang turista napaka OK ng euro diba? strategic s manila mura pa! kung may euro nga s davao, bohol, bora db ayos kasi MURA!

    @clark… it doesnt matter f u are minor kasi they wont ask ur age or ur intentions in staying there… hmmm s sogo ata ang hnd pwd kasi nmn diba we knw na love hotel xa… but a piece of advice for a minor like you… BE SAFE!!! 😉 yah know wat i mean!

  8. kai says:

    @carebears really? ok. then we have an option na. we can check it out. seems kind of pricey though.

  9. carebears says:

    yup its pricey coz maganda ung location nila.. though iv sed n pang tourists and family un, i cud notice also that couples go there.. mag bf-gf man and even magasawa coz they offer rate A na pang 4 hours rate B which i think ay 6-7 hours.. they offer that for the call center agents around the metro that needs a place to stay for a short time.. and at the same time for couples who want to be far from their homes… but i can assure u that the place is wholesome and so are the rooms.. trust me… iv been there a lot of times… that’s y i dnt why pinoysexy rated the location poorly… maybe… maybe lang because of the “intentions” going there… kaya awkward s kanila kasi paglabas mo eh tlgang kita ka ng lahat… and so what?? diba? eh sa gusto ko magpahinga eh! hehe! ayun lang… gudluk!

  10. kai says:

    thanks muchos!

  11. missy101 says:

    Hi, ask ko lang. Is there a parking for this Eurotel in Cubao? Or discreet/basement parking? Thanks!

  12. yeng says:

    My DVD player ba sila? Hehehe hnd pa kc ako nakapasok jan, naghahanap kmi ng hotel ng friend ko, para kumain, manood ng dvd, ska magkwentuhan, para makapagrelax na din. 🙂

  13. carebears says:

    @missy they have a parking beside savemore supermarket ata un.. its a basement parking

    @yeng.. nope they dont have.. only tv.. kung dvd marathon kau i suggest to stay at home or in 3 stars hotel

  14. gel says:

    so far…for me CREST HOTEL is the cheapest,clean,comfortable to stay with..

  15. mokobey says:

    kakatry ko lng dito wala naman naging problem
    mula pagcheck in to check out

  16. Gee says:

    Is there a 3hours stay here?

    • carebears says:

      4hrs.. better than 3

      • anon says:

        hi carebear, yesterday i message eurotel on their facebook page and they replied that they didn’t have the 4 hour rates. they only had 12 and 24 hour room rates. can you please confirm if there really is a 4 hour room rate. thanks in advance! 🙂

      • carebears says:

        yes they have four hours… in eurotel cubao.. Euro Suite 1 at 600 plus but only 400 plus if u have a discount card.. Suite 1 is the second largest room.. second from family suite 2.. Both suite have bathtub and coffee haha!

        promise meron.. iv been there.. and ill bet for it! dnt be shy kasi to go there and mag ask lang.. hnd nmn dyahe dun kasi mdming family and foreigners ang nagchechek in

      • anon says:

        the recent flooding in the metro will cause me to look for other place to “stay”. so eurotel north edsa sounds nice. can i ask if you’ve been there? if yes, how’s the place? do they offer 4 hour stay too? 🙂 thanks again. 😀

  17. nika says:

    magkanu ung promo stay 3 days get 4 days

  18. anon says:

    so just for clarification they do offer rates lower than 12 hours. as i’ve read instead of 3 hours, they have 4 hours? thanks to anyone who replies. 🙂

  19. Jaye says:

    Boss, ask ko lang kung until now nag pupunta pa rin kayo dun? Magkano Room Rates na ngayon 2013? Studio and Standard? Updated pa rin po yung information dito?

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