Sogo Drive-In (Pasay) Review

The love hotel is located along Edsa Road in Pasay. You won’t miss it since its the only building there that is colored yellow and red with a huge poster ad promoting the place. Based from the poster, it’s the only branch that offers the drive-in convenience. We have a car so it was perfect for us. We drove into the entrance and we weren’t greeted by any attendants right away. Instead we had to circle around until we got a hold of one almost to the exit area. One of the staff member that helped us get a room looked very tired and didn’t look like he liked his job. He looked as if he didn’t have any choice with the job that he has.

The place offered themed rooms so that got me excited. Sogo did a nice touch in pasting posters the size of the garage door of what the room inside would look like. I like this better than going into each room one by one which makes it time consuming. We finally got a room that had a James Bond theme. We figured we’d try something adventurous for a change and the thought of role playing and pretending to be James Bond got me excited.

Ecstatic, we went in the room. The work that was done in getting the room to look and feel like you are in one of James Bonds’ crib was astonishing except for one problem. The room wasn’t well maintained. The carpeting had stains that are so obvious to the human eye that you won’t even dare set foot on it let alone take your shoes off. Some lighting fixtures were either damaged or were missing light bulbs. And because of the missing light bulbs, the room looked gloomy. The blanket had a huge hole in the middle which completely voids its main purpose and the towels looked as if they can be ripped in two easily.


Those looking for a good themed love hotel should look some place else. You’ll get a better chance of getting a clean room from Victoria Court. More expensive than Sogo but surely you’ll get a room thats clean and well maintained.

9 comments on “Sogo Drive-In (Pasay) Review

  1. care bears says:

    other branches are good though =)

  2. Chan says:

    Last year 27May to 07th June we were stayed in the same hotel.But they offered very generous hospitality and its clean too.The staff also very cooperative and helpful with team player attitude.

  3. hi!!!! I just wanna know.. How much the rate of our hotel there???? Becuz im planning it to stay w/ my wife maybe a week?? ,,, can u reply us,,,,,,,

  4. ishouldbedoingworknow says:

    we got the regular room here and it’s fine. i like this drive-in style! yet to try themed rooms. soon hihi

  5. sexhustlah says:


  6. sexhustlah says:

    pwde ba kame d2 aq hndi na minor but ung gf q minor palang ???

  7. kurban says:

    hey, would you know any drive-in motels, cubao area? thanks

  8. kyot says:

    We’ve stayed on the premium room more than 5 times and everything seems so clean 😀 10/10 for me

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