Victoria Court – Las Piñas Review

Me and my girlfriend celebrated our 1st year anniversary at Victoria Court Las Piñas Last December 2008. We always stay at Eurotel if we want to spend some personal time with each other and so we figured we would try some place new, more romantic and unique and Victoria Court was the place for it. We took a taxi and boy did we pay a hefty price for that ride. A taxi ride from SM Southmall to Victoria Court will get you at around P150 – P200. At least you get some privacy getting in to the place rather than ride a tricycle. I don’t think that would be a good idea to do on your anniversary.

We finally got to the place but we didn’t know which room to pick since there was around 5-8 themed rooms with varying sizes and prices. We wanted our time there to be very special so we went ahead and chose to get the most expensive room there. We checked out two rooms before choosing the right one for us which were tagged as Suites. The first one was called Austin Powers. We got an approval from the attendant to check out the room. The carpeting was dirty and it looked as if it hasn’t been vacuumed from the first day that it was made. I couldn’t even dare taking my shoes off and stepping on the carpet from it being so dirty. Some of the lighting fixtures were already broken and the strobe lights don’t even work anymore. The room looked very dim and depressing considering that it was supposed to look like one of Austin Power’s crib based from the name and the theme. It would have been a fun room mainly because of the numerous poles that surrounds the bed and a huge jacuzzi but it was dirty and wasn’t well maintained.

It was the exact opposite upon entry to the second suite which they call Destiny. In my opinion, it is the best suite room on that branch. I also checked the Victoria Court website ( and none of the other rooms are even worth comparing to the Destiny room. From the name of the room, it really was Destiny that made us choose it. The room is huge and clean. All of the lights are working and it made the room glow. The room is separated into two sections. The first section is where the bed is. It also has a table and 2 chairs where you can take your lunch/dinner right beside it. You also get a 40-inch LCD TV, a DVD player and a Nintendo Wii that you can play until you get bored which really won’t happen during your stay. To the right of the bed is a section solely for the love chair where you can be creative with your partner in trying out new positions and even coming up with your own which is a huge plus for me.

The Jacuzzi

The Jacuzzi

Down the short hallway you’ll find another room with a vanity section there for your girlfriend to use. Sitting on the vanity area table is a basket full of sexual goodies ranging from lubricants, condoms and even a dildo. You also get another TV but it’s just a plain sized 20-inch TV which is perfectly fine since you’re already getting an LCD TV on the other side of the room. You also get a small fridge with drinks inside but you will have to pay for it if you consume any. Right beside the vanity area is a full-size jacuzzi with a bottle of bath foam liquid for you to put in for a nice foamy bubble bath. Beside the jacuzzi is the bathroom which is huge. It’s comparable to a size of a bathroom that you will get from a deluxe bathroom of a hotel and the best thing about it, it’s clean.

Service from the staff there is speedy. We’ve checked in before on other rooms there and from my experience I can’t say anything negative about their promptness and courteousness to customers.


This has got to be the best Love Hotel that we have stayed on. I guess for the hefty price (P2000) that you are paying for that you would definitely get more than the usual amenities and it’s worth it. With a clean room and a courteous staff, I definitely recommend this as the best Love Hotel for anyone looking for a room thats true to its theme and even more. Don’t forget to try out the love chair and let your creative side come out.

We’ve loved this place so much that we have checked in to two other themed rooms on this branch. Check back in a few days for reviews on that.

To get a 3D view of the room that we stayed on, click HERE and HERE.

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14 comments on “Victoria Court – Las Piñas Review

  1. anonymous says:

    i’ve been here at destiny (cascade) based on the room’s name. what you’ve said in your reviews regarding this room was to true. both me and my girlfriend tried this room and we are so amazed by the theme.

    • pinoysexy says:

      Glad you liked the room as well… We’re planning on checking out the other rooms there… I’ll be posting a bunch of reviews on that in a few days. Thanks for coming to my blog by the way. Hope you come back.

  2. jiggy says:

    hey do you know how much for a 12 – 24 hour stay there?

  3. pinoysexy says:

    a 12-hour stay would run you at around 2000 pesos for the full suite room.

  4. G@irl says:

    lol. am i too old na? last time i went to VC was a decade ago… lol. with my then bf, we tried the party room.. it has sauna and all the stuff… wonder if its still there… tsk tsk tsk

  5. secret says:

    how old are you supposed to be if you’d check in a room???

    • pinoysexy says:

      To my knowledge I don’t think there are any age restrictions on love hotels here. But if you were in the USA, you’d have to be at least 18 years old I think. It depends on the love hotel that you are going to. Some might have a stricter rule-set while others are loose. Take Victoria Court for example. If they feel that the female looks like she is not an adult, they may request any form of identification to prove that she is of legal age.

  6. marlon says:

    Is there any prettygirls avialable that i can hock up fling in sogo or ethier victoria hotel?

  7. jhin says:

    can i check in in eurotel las pinas im only 19!!!

  8. fred says:

    Hi, you said there is dildo’s and sextoys there, is that true? nagtnaong po ako sa hotel na yan wala daw po sila available na sex toy eh.. currently..

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