Durex Play Review

Durex Play

Durex Play

Wahoo! Finally, after almost a month of no update on my blog, I finally got a review for the long awaited Durex Play Lubricant!

Starting off with the packaging, the contents of it are enclosed in a tube which to me is more convenient compared to a sachet. I have experienced difficulty in getting the right amount of lube from a sachet and there was also a time where I got my private scraped from that packaging which was not a pleasant experience. It’s also hard in keeping the un-used portion of it since you already have the package open and also the fear of contaminating it since sealing it back will be hard.

Applying it is a breeze; you just open the cap and then squeeze out the right amount of lube. Compared to all the other lube’s I’ve tried, this has better lubrication compared to EZ but not as slimy as Bliss Classic. Personally, I like my lube slimy. There’s something about it that gets you going more but I would love it if Bliss would come out with a tube-like packaging.


If you want a lubricant that’s easy to apply in times of need and won’t have such a hassle of storing it for that next sexual experience, then this is the lube for you. For the price of Php 180, you get what you’re paying for and not to mention that it comes from a respected brand that you can trust, Durex.

More Info

Name: Durex Play

Price: Php 180

Contents: 50mL

17 comments on “Durex Play Review

  1. sex maniac says:

    is your girlfriend the one on the durex pic?
    she’s soooo hot!!!

  2. kittycat says:

    hey good stuff here, keep it up!
    i do have a question through, where can i get durex play?

    • pinoysexy says:

      Any Watson’s store should have it available. Any SM Mall should do.

      • kittycat says:

        btw, tnx also for the 411 and reviewing the Eurotel chain. bf and i are thinking of going to the pedro gil branch tomorrow to check the place out 🙂

      • pinoysexy says:

        Thank You for visiting my blog ^_^ Hope you come back again.

  3. blissfull says:

    hi there! great review, thanks! how did you know about the product, are you a regular user?

  4. Max says:

    More more more! Maraming readers dito, nahihiya lang mag comment

  5. Ok, I read all your reviews on lubs. One thing I notice is that your not mentioning where to buy one.

  6. naxx says:

    is it safe without using condom ? yung direct sa skin ?

  7. meow says:

    how does it taste like? my GF and i are planning on buying a strap-on ad of course we’ll need lube, but we’re just looking to buy the generic ones you can buy in watsons/mercury so what tastes best, bliss classic, ez or durex? we’re lesbians so we need to make sure it kinda taste good, we want to buy the flavored ones too but hahaha the strap-on’s kinda expensive so next time maybe…haha love your blog though really helpful

  8. kamote says:

    is it safe for anal sex? me and my girlfriend wanted to try it..

  9. PlayPal says:

    Is this water based lube?

  10. Grace says:

    Where did you buythe durex play?

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