Premier Earthquake Review

Premier Earthquake

Premier Earthquake

Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. I do apologize for that. I’ve been trying to find a new job that will provide me with more financial growth unfortunately I’m still working on that, but anyways, time for the review! I’ll probably post another review after this. Durex came out with their version of the O-Ring so I should be posting a review on that soon.

The Contents

The Contents

The contents of it consist of the O-Ring and a free Premier Ultra Thin Condom. Personally they should have it come with this on a single package as standard. Premier Earthquake costs Php 180 and the package says vibration is good for 20 minutes. We’ll put that to the test.

The Tobleron was not harmed during the testing of this product

The Tobleron was not harmed during the testing of this product

Although instructions don’t say that you need to use a lube for this, I would recommend that you do. The O-Ring is rubbery and if you rub it too many times on your partner, she may encounter irritation later. I personally use Durex Play for lubrication but if you’re on a tight budget, Bliss will do just fine.


Putting it on is a breeze, you just slide it down to the base and you’re all set. Just make sure that the vibrating part is at the top since there really isn’t anything to stimulate underneath unless if you’re going for a creative position. The classic man-on-top position is best suited for this in my opinion but it wouldn’t hurt to be creative so go for it.


As for its performance, I might say that it really works. Your partner will definitely love this and might grow so attached to it that she might even use this when you’re not around. Half the time, I just placed it on my finger and rubbed away. For the battery life, I only got it to work for 15 minutes non-stop until the vibration finally subsided. Once the battery drains out you won’t be able to use it anymore unless you find a way to replace the batteries inside. Do let me know if you figure it out though.


In conclusion, this is a great product from Premier. If you’re having doubts about you and your partner’s appreciation for one another or looking for new ways to spice up your sexual life, this will definitely boost it 200% I guarantee you. The awesomeness of this product is only good for 15 minutes but its well worth it. If you’re looking for something that will last longer, I would suggest getting a reusable vibrator. Last I checked it would run you at around Php 1,500. I’ll let you guys know since I’m planning on buying one soon.

50 comments on “Premier Earthquake Review

  1. yuhenyo says:

    wer can i buy this earthquake in manila. thanks

  2. guygidz961 says:

    can you only use it once or more than once? i wanna try it wen i masturbate

  3. anon says:

    i want to try this but i dont know if it will fit, my girth is about 4.2-4.5 inches, you think its too big(the vibrator)?

    • pinoysexy says:

      I’m pretty sure it will. As long as you have an asian-sized member, it should fit quite nicely.

      Now Durex Play Vibrations is very specific for people who have bigger-than-normal members 🙂

  4. fan boy says:

    thank you for your review. i cannot wait to use this with my partner. she will luvit. i just hope its not too tight as i am really wide 😐

  5. ryan laysico says:

    i so happen na sobra ako sa libog. kya gusto ko talaga tong e try tong vibrator nato. pano ba to san ko kya to e ligay? 1-2inchs lang kac mine! help naman jan 🙂

    • care bears says:

      2 inches in diameter?? are u kidding?? dnt worry when u get older it will get bigger… as pinoysexy said it will fit just fine

  6. abno says:

    pano to gamitin mauuna ba yung ring vibrator bago yung condom?

  7. carebears says:

    condom first before the O ring… this is more pleasurable for the women than the guys hehe gudluk! have fun

  8. inyaks says:

    gano ba kasikip ang pagkabilog nun earth quake na un?? bka kc pag gnamit un e maiwan sa inside ng girl db?? naiistrech po ba un earth quake na un?? mag fit kaya xa sa 2 inch wide or 3 inch wide?? i need reply..tnx

    nakakita kc aq nun knina sa watson..and im so interested..ahaha 😀

  9. carebears says:

    it wud fit just fine… i t wudnt be left inside coz t is place at the bottom of the penis and will just touch the surface of ur partner.. not unless na pagpilitan mo ipasok diba.. if maiiwan nmn s luob u can be an instant ob gyne to get it!

  10. inyaks says:

    ay..gnun ba yun.. kala ko nman e dpat pasok sya sa loob ng girl… ok lng ba kht hnd gumamit ng condom..wla ba bad effect for out penis un thing na un?

  11. carebears says:

    with or without condom it wud do just fine.. its not a contraceptive though it is still safe to have one.. it wont affect ur genital.. ull just feel numb a bit.. it varies accdg to the preference of the user..

  12. sef says:

    vibration to last 20 minutes? that’s bull. the one i got lasted only 5 minutes tops.

  13. carebears says:

    it stops but if ur gonna chek out more precisely it will just go about the 20mins top… maybe may nagalaw lang or smtn

  14. inyaks says:

    eh wat if gamitin ko sya then nakakabit na sya sa penis ko..then saka ko lalagyan ng condom then sa loob ng vagina ko xa papavibrate…what wud happen kya?? ahaha…naAaning ako sa thing na e2…

  15. jkris says:

    pano gamitin premier earthqauake? sa ulo ba ng titi? pls help 🙂

  16. thurdy says:

    dis is battery operated ryt? is d battery replaceable or dis item is disposable after use….

  17. mokobey says:

    ung binili ko earthquake max
    ang tagal ng battery life

  18. can the vibrator be used by males as well?

  19. inyaks says:

    nag buy ako ng ganto nun bday ng gf ko, then ung life ng battery tumagal ng around 1 and half hours, ahaha pero hindi na namin inubos kasi it cause pain to my etits, its so tight kasi, ahaha.. and i found out how to replace the battery, then from now on, wer using it by replacing battery! ahaha no need to buy another one.. just be resourceful! 😀

  20. SCREAM4ME says:

    Dang this is great! I tried it to 3 different girls they really squirt and scream like hell.. Even my ex-wife wants me to marry her again.. Im going to buy more big time. I like it 100x…

  21. Dandaran says:

    for best result wear Power Balance YEAH!

  22. Aiesha says:

    Can this be used by women like for playing? =) Please reply thanks! Like can this be used as vibrator you know even tho u don’t have a partner. 🙂

  23. john ethan macasieb says:

    i just buy a new one hear on my pocket… i will try to find out if you guys telling the real thing or not…. i try

  24. carebears says:

    @aiesha.. i dont think so but maybe if u have a dildo and insert it

    @john doe… any watsons would have it but it would depend on the stock availability… and ur guts to stare at the stack of condoms to find it… minsan kasi nttabunan ng iba hehe! just look for the bigger box

    good luck!

  25. cj says:

    Where do I buy a reuseable vibrator for my partner? TNX:)

    • carebears says:

      this is the trick… i dont know a store rin for adult sex toys… sorry for the term pero un ata tlga tawag dun.. i think.. =D i went to gary lising’s shop in galleria wala rin puro fun stuffs lang dun unlike s states n may novelty shop tlga… in the net puro rn s abroad nkkorder.. ish-ship pa s bahay mo eh di dyahe db? hehe

    • dy says: jan ka mkakatingin ng sextoys balak ko din kc bumili ng vibrator cock ring nung nkita ko ito

  26. DAYNIEL says:


    • carebears says:

      we are not talking about lubricant here dayniel… earthquake is a vibrator… the fire and ice lubricant ur saying are different.. and please dont use the FIRE… ang sakit kasi nun for the women! promise! lumiliyab! maybe ung ice ok pa… watsons nkkbili po… and hnd siya DYAHE as long as you are not a TEENAGER!! for us 19 and above ok lang… and i personally buy it with my partner… we just look like husband and wife.. so hnd dyahe =D relax ka lang when picking up condoms and other stuffs… it is like everyday they have customers buying those things.. wag lang n kilala mo ung cashier hahaha! good luck!

  27. Garen says:

    Guys ask ko lang. Naguguluhan kasi aq. Pag sa base part ito nakalgay pano gamitin? Kasi dba pag naka normal position xmpre in out ang galaw ntn. So pano un kada in mo lng saka nya mararamdaman ang vibrator? Kc iniisip q dpat idiin ito tpos hold m ng matagal? Hirap hehe

    • scoobydoo says:

      sa shaft ng tete mo ilagay! sa pinaka base ng ari mo. tpos hayaan mo lng na ung babae sa top gumawa ng kahit ano, para maramdaman nya ang saarrrraaapp!

  28. kyle112 says:

    meron po ba kayong barcode ng mga premiere condom ?? kung meron kau pahinge po .. salamat . .

  29. 2kmaul says:

    water proof?

  30. solar boy says:

    Masmalakas po ba vibration ng earthquake kesa dun sa spot massager

  31. Grumpy says:

    Nasubukan ko na to, and yeah! It’s super effective. And also, nabuksan ko yung loob nya and I manage to take out the battery. Pero nag tanong-tanong ako sa mga battery store kung may kagaya ba sila ng battery na yun. Kaso wala ako nakita kahit isa, so hindi ko na ulit siya nagamit. Share nyo naman alternative na battery for this. Thanks!

  32. Meeko says:

    Aside s 7-11 nd watsons mern b toh s convenience stores?? Nd magkano if s watsons?? Pls need ur reply libog lng 😉

  33. anna rose says:

    sa south star drug meron..

  34. Bren Sison says:

    isiksik nyo
    sa tumbong nyo mga tanga!!!!!!!!

  35. anne q says:

    Pag gusto na namin vibrate dapat bang turn on ko muna ? May switch ba ung earthquake ? Anu un turn on muna bago ipasok? Sa vagina

  36. anne q says:

    Pnu po paglagay ng ring dva po sa ulo lang. Tpos nasa top po ba ung lagyanan ng battery o nasa baba . . At lahat po ba un nag vibrate ? Ung buong ring? Pls asap reply . D2 nlang. Para mbsa ko agad

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