Durex Play Vibrations Review

It’s really been a while since I last posted on my blog. Ah! I need to post more! I’m going to make it a habit to post at least once a week. Enough about this, on to the review!

Durex Play Vibrations

Durex Play Vibrations

Today I bring you a review of Durex’s own disposable vibrator. This item cost’s 280 pesos and you can find it at any Watsons store. Upon opening the packaging you can tell why you’d have to pay more for this compared to Premier Earthquake. The vibrator is packed securely on another plastic encasement. It also comes with it’s own users manual (If you still can’t figure out how to use it). And don’t forget that you’re paying more because of the brand (Durex).

The device tightly sealed

The device tightly sealed

Taking off the plastic seal and finally holding on to the device you will notice that it doesn’t have much of a difference compared to Earthquake except that it’s a whole lot bigger. The on/off button isn’t a switch that you slide from left to right but instead replaced by a purple rubber push button. I would say that this is more convenient to use especially when your hands are slimed up from putting too much lubrication.

How to use

How to use

As for performance, it does what it’s supposed to and I feel that the vibration that it creates is more compared to Earthquake by a  whole lot but there is one gripe, those protruding rubber massager’s that are meant to massage the vaginal area are just too small and they aren’t shaped right to do what it’s supposed to. I like how Premier Earthquake’s circled rubber stimulator’s are shaped and it reaches the vaginal area quite nicely. Another thing, the rubber ring where you stick your member in is just too big for me. I tend to have problems keeping the vibrating part where I want it to be and having to keep adjusting it every 1 minute or so. I guess Durex being an American company might have forgotten that Asian’s don’t have members as thick as those you see from porn videos or use Viagra that often.

The Device

The Device

All in all, Durex Play Vibrations is a great stimulator to use if in case you forgot to bring your vibrator or is just too lazy cleaning it up after use. From what the package states, it really is more powerful. My only gripe is that the rubber ring is just too big and that the rubber massager’s should be shaped more for stimulation.

If you’re patient and willing to spend more I would suggest getting an actual vibrator (Price: Php 1500 and up). Not only can you adjust the vibration to your partner’s desire, you can keep on reusing it when the vibration wears out by just changing the batteries. Which reminds me that I will be reviewing a few of those once I get my hands on it which will be in a week or two.

27 comments on “Durex Play Vibrations Review

  1. JERICHO says:

    are the batteries replaceable by the way? In other sites it said its disposable.Plus approximately what is the diameter of the ring?

    • pinoysexy says:

      If you’re creative enough then you might just be able to. As for the diameter, sorry I threw mine out already since the battery wen’t out but its huge compared to Premier Earthquake. Earthquake’s ring is small but since it’s made of rubbery material, it stretches to fit your member perfectly, not too tight and not too loose, just a perfect fit in my opinion.

  2. G@irl says:

    We just tried this PLAY last weekend. and its kinda small for my hubby. we just put some play lubes to his thingy before sliding in the ring… its a great experience! i like it more when am on top! =)

    and you are right, the shape’s not that right though. we should try the premier this weekend for comparison! =)

  3. Aashi says:

    Durex Play O was finally launched in India, which also is the Land of Kamasutra but a bit late in letting women experiment with this.

  4. Aashi says:

    yes it is different from Durex Vibrations. Durex Play O is an orgasmic gel. Why don’t you write a review for Durex Play O now. Since there has been a launch in India now, a lot many social media campaigns are being done. On Facebook you can check http://facebook.com/durexplayo

  5. anonymous says:

    this blog is a lifesaver! haha thanks for all the reviews, helped a lot of people. we will be waiting for your next updates 😀

    • pinoysexy says:

      Many thanks to your comment! Your comments are also one of the reasons why I keep this blog up and running. I promise I will posting more reviews before the year ends. Thanks again!!!

      • anonymous says:

        happy new year! hoping for more reviews for 2010 😀

      • pinoysexy says:

        Happy New Year to you as well. I’ll try to post as much reviews that I can per week. Hopefully by this weekend i’ll be able to write 2 reviews.

  6. yshiel says:

    anyone… do you know where I can buy this thingy… ^^ any store here in the philippines? email me for any info. michelledsr@gmail.com

  7. SASSY says:

    i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved it , many positions to be used with great pleasure ! VIVA DUREX

  8. ben says:

    The ring is too small on durex play, like tying a elastic band round the poor bugger, hurts like hell.

  9. Zack says:

    Durex is a BRITISH brand, and NOT American!!!

  10. Zack says:

    Durex is a BRITISH brand, and NOT American!!!

    Durex is a BRITISH brand, and NOT American!!!

    Durex is a BRITISH brand, and NOT American!!!

    Durex is a BRITISH brand, and NOT American!!!

    Durex is a BRITISH brand, and NOT American!!!

    Durex is a BRITISH brand, and NOT American!!!

    Durex is a BRITISH brand, and NOT American!!!

    Durex is a BRITISH brand, and NOT American!!!

    Durex is a BRITISH brand, and NOT American!!!

    Durex is a BRITISH brand, and NOT American!!!

    Durex is a BRITISH brand, and NOT American!!!

  11. inyaks says:

    can i use it w/o condom? 😀
    reply pls..tnx

  12. jhojhon says:

    san po nakakabili?

  13. john ethan macasieb says:

    more expensive than premier earthquake

  14. 26/12/2009· the particular model that may be # 1 on the globe will be Durex. rEmember that everybody … Also, the costs online tend to be drastically reduce (except on trojan viruses products ).cheapest durex products

  15. kevin says:

    where can i buy? here in philippines

  16. Matej says:

    Hi would you know where one could buy other DUREX products like lubricants? 7eleven and other convenience stores doesn’t always have them. Plus I was hoping to have more options to choose from…DUREX is better than other brands.

  17. kinkychubbylita says:

    Hi. No idea why I’m here. But I want to ask where could I order a vibrator? I can’t find one in my city.

  18. Rick says:

    is the disposable or I can use it multiple times

  19. love says:

    Does it available in indian medical shops??

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