Victoria Court Buendia (Sauna Room) Review

Ok, here’s another review of a room in Victoria Court, but this ones in Buendia. I’m sorry guys but when we went to this place, it was last October 2009 so I can’t remember how much we paid for the room. It was probably more than 500-700 pesos since this is not your typical room (I’ll explain why in a bit). And the best thing I love about VC is that they have creative interior designers. They’re imagination can go wild when they think of room designs.

The china room?

As usual you will always be met with courteous and friendly staff and will be pampered as if you and your girlfriend are the king of queen even if it’s only for 3-4 hours.

Lovely bed

The room itself has this traditional Chinese setting. Nothing fancy but at least it’s not bland.

The sauna

Heating rocks

The best part about this room has got to be the Sauna! Oh yes, it has its own Sauna.  How cool is that?! It might just be me since I’m obsessed with it. If I had the money, I would probably buy myself one but I would have a hard time on where to put it though. You have to forgive me again since I can’t remember the name of the room. It was way back last October 2009 when we checked in to this room. So if anyone has visited this room and knows the name, please feel free to comment.

TV, fridge, DVD player

A very tall sound system

Typical for VC, you’ll always get the string of amenities like the fridge (with free 2 bottled water and the rest of the drinks inside you have to pay for if you drink it). There are also snacks on the table that you also have to pay for if you eat it. Lastly there is the TV, DVD player and a very tall sound system.

Bathroom stuffs

What I also love about VC is that their toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, soap are in par on what’s being offered on 3-4 star hotels. They even added a bath gel just in case you want to go all bubbly on yourself.

The toilet

The shower and the sink

As what you would expect from Victoria Court, everything is clean. The Sauna works wonderfully and it’s designed in a way where you can get creative. To me, this is the main highlight of the room. Just make sure you don’t splash water all over the place or you’ll slip and slide and come out with bruises or even worse, 1st degree or even a 2nd degree burn (OUCH!).

Rice Toppings

If I recall, we must have stayed here overnight since we ordered 2 separate set meals. One was a rice topping concoction which was very good. The other was buffalo chicken with onion rings and VC’s own recipe of pork chop with bread, corn and rice. For desert we had banana slip. The food in VC is in my opinion superb and I would greatly suggest you try their menu if ever you visit them.

Yum yum

Concluding this review I have nothing negative to say about this Victoria Court branch. Every single peso that I spent was well worth it.

7 comments on “Victoria Court Buendia (Sauna Room) Review

  1. pastlisting says:


    You really helped us. please keep posting!

  2. this is really good,,, a nice place…. Let me ask about the rate… How much it is when im staying n 24hours???

  3. Marky says:

    And also how much it is in 12hrs staying?

  4. K says:

    hope you post more again 🙂

  5. laodef says:

    uhmm does this room still exist?

  6. azriel miguel says:

    hi, can I ask a question , how much the room 55 in 5hrs to 6hrs???

  7. then the room 55 is have a bathtub like a jacuzzi???? bcuz I want to check in this coming November but like 5hours to 6 hours only… can u give a fee back as soon as possible… thanks

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