Nice Hotel Review

Wow. I have never expected that my blog will still have visitors up until now. I do apologize to y’all for my lack of posts. I had to prioritize on some personal matters first, but I’m back and eager to share my sexual adventures again! So without further ado, I bring you my newest post for 2010.

Nice Hotel Key Tag

Nice Hotel Key Tag

I was supposed to post this review last November 2009 but it’s better late than never. This is by far the cheapest love hotel that I and my girlfriend have stayed in. We always see this hotel whenever we go to Megamall or Trinoma with its eye catching building color (summer green), you’ll never miss it.

The Bed

The Bed

If you’re the conservative type that doesn’t want people seeing you go inside a love hotel then this place isn’t for you. The hotel is situated at a spot where you would regularly see people catch a bus or a jeep, especially during after office hours. I would suggest going in after 10-11PM to minimize the eye rolling.

They have a weird-looking phone

Upon entering you are met with your typical lobby, and immediately you can feel the difference in the interior compared to Eurotel. The lobby is small, and there are seats along the wall in case you might need to wait for your turn. We have experienced once where it was jam packed and it was a bit awkward since you see everyone there seating waiting for their turn with no walls to block the view. The attendants were friendly though so that’s a plus. There was an elevator but strange that it’s marked as “Under Construction” (Last I checked it still is).

Brand new window-type aircon

I’ll just say this, for Php 350 @ 4 hours of stay; you’ll get the amenities that you paid for. The materials and furnishings were substandard. There were no carpeting, no LCD TV, just a typical room. At the time that we visited the hotel it was their grand opening. The room that we stayed in looked as if we were the first to use it.

Easy Access Main Switches

Easy Access Main Switches

The bed sheets were clean and so were the pillows. They also offer the usual combination of shampoo, soap, pair of toothbrushes and toothpaste. But I didn’t like the taste of their toothpaste though. It tasted like paste (the kind that you use to bind papers with). The two remotes worked as designed (1 for the aircon and the other for the TV). Unfortunately the hotel doesn’t offer a sexy channel (if you know what I mean). There is even a central switch to toggle through the lights, TV, aircon and even the radio in the room located right beside the bed. The bathroom is also clean and brand new. I should probably pay this place another visit again sometime this year to check out if they maintain it properly though.

Unreliable Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Unreliable Toothbrush and Toothpaste

All in all, Nice Hotel is a nice hotel. If you’re looking for something cheap and don’t expect much from the room and have the balls to go inside with a number of people eyeing you at the same time, then go for it. I haven’t had the chance of ordering any foods from their menu though so if you ever get the chance and would like to share, just post in the comments section below.

The shower

Spanky clean toilet

The TV

I got an allergic reaction after using this soap

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  1. palane says:

    what is their age limit ? and where is this ??

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