Victoria Court Buendia (Room 55) Review

Room name and rates

Ah yes, this is yet another review of one of the rooms at Victoria Court – Buendia branch. This one is just one of their regular rooms so there’s no Jacuzzi, sauna or anything fancy.

The bed

The room is called “Room 55”. And the rate is decent, considering you get all these amenities and the professionalism that the staff shows toward the guest.

See that dark section over there? You can still fit 5 people in there

The interior on 55 is nothing extraordinary but not ordinary also. It looks like a modern room that someone might have done on theirs. What I can say about VC rooms is that it’s bigger compared to regular rooms at Eurotel. It’s very spacious and maybe too spacious if I may add as one section prove to be un-useful. But that’s not a bad thing either.

The shower

In closing, Victoria Court is still by far the best love hotel here in Metro Manila with professional staff, creative interior designers and a very clean room.

The toilet is always silky smooth clean

Cold drinks inside the fridge

11 comments on “Victoria Court Buendia (Room 55) Review

  1. hmmmd,,,, very nice,,, matanung lng po good for familh po ba itong room na to???? Mag kano naman po rate nya when im stayng n 24hours????

  2. Marky says:

    how much po mga room,or rooms nla?

  3. magkano pofamily room nyo good for 6 person for 24hours ngayon dec.25

  4. carebears says:

    please do check their website… they have their own with published rates.. i havent been there but it is a great place for those who are planning for stag parties or shower parties because some of their rooms have themes…

  5. palane says:

    uhmm what is their age limit ??

  6. kimmy says:

    anong age limit jan?

  7. hi hello can I ask a favor .. how much the rate for 6hours for the room 55?? can u give me a feedback asap

  8. then the room 55 is have a bathtub like jacuzzi

  9. can u give a feedback asap, I planning to check-in this coming November for 6hours only… bcuz only like shortime for privacy between me and my wife and to experience your room 55… bcuz

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